Duke Veterinary Services

12 Barrington Hills Road
Barrington, IL 60010



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Dr. Duke Visiting Vet

In-home health care for your pet.

Dogs, cats, pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits, bees…whatever the family pet might be.  


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Our Mission:

To provide modern, high quality, compassionate veterinary care in the comfort of the patient’s home.


We are a house-call veterinary practice providing comprehensive in-home health care services to companion animals in Barrington, Illinois and the surrounding areas. 


Benefits of home visits are many. Patient and client stress are reduced by eliminating the anxiety associated with loading and unloading the patient into the car and enduring time travelling together. The patient can be seen in its true environment creating better identification of risk factors for contagious disease and behavioral challenges. Patients are not exposed to contagious disease as they would be in a hospital setting. Client service is paramount – your time is valuable.


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